Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nag Nag Nag

Yesterday morning I got an email from the fabulous girls @ MayDae letting me know I'd been featured in their blog (yay!),  which I love, they've got such a cool modern vintage anthropologie like feel going on over there! After perusing their beautiful blog and going about my normal daily routine I started to develop a small niggle of a nagging feeling in the back of my mind like I'd forgotten something....

Oh crap.

This feeling is never a good one...Did I forget to turn off my flat iron this morning? No. Did I leave the soy milk out on the counter again? Not that either. After 30 minutes of trying hard to figure out what form of impending doom must be happening somewhere that's caused me this particular feeling I gave up.

And as fate always has it I almost immediately remembered, my birthday is on Wednesday.

This might not seem like a problem per se and its not particularly in and of itself except a few weeks ago I made an appointment with our dogs Vet to have my dear Bitty's yearly shots and check up. This again is not that big of a deal except our Vets office is one of my least favorite places on the face of the earth. Don't get me wrong, I love our dogs Vet he is the best animal doctor I've ever met, but they work on an extremely loose terminology of appointment. Basically they write your name, along with a long list of other names, on a schedule for a particular day and then wait and see what happens. In other words something like first come first serve but on a certain day. I'm not particularly fond of sitting in a tiny room with 50 billion other people crammed in with me waiting till the end of time with some of the worst behaved animals I've ever seen sooo I'd lodged that information in the part of my brain that holds all the horrid things that I'd rather poke my eyeball out than actually do. Hence the nagging feeling and impending Vets office doom.

I knew I would have to fulfill my duty as a good pet owner and visit out Vets office but I could do something to make myself feel better! So I ordered these:

Cashew Clusters
Walnut Clusters

I feel better already just knowing I've got something tasty coming my way! As for the Vets office I'll probably be camped out in front tomorrow at 5:30am waiting for them to open so I can make it to work on time afterward. But oh well, I've got chocolate, caramel and nutty goodness on its way to me to sooth the crazy Vet's office blues.

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