Thursday, September 2, 2010

I thought we talked about that blouse...

Maybe no one will pick up on the Karen Walker reference there but I seem to hear her critical voice when I step into my closet lately. It's been months, no wait, lets go ahead and be fully honest and say years since I've gone serious clothes shopping....I sorta hate it. Don't get me wrong I looooove having awesome clothes in my closet that make me feel like a million when I wear them but I cannot stand (read totally loath - would rather poke my eye out) actually shopping for them. I know my particular problems with clothes are not unique but seriously could it kill somebody to make jeans for those of us that have short legs. God blessed me with a whopping height of just over 5 feet which means not only is it impossible for me to reach anything on the top shelf of anywhere but it also means that I'm also blessed to be lumped into the masses that are labeled petite. All shopping issues aside, I'm always drawn to shop when fall rolls around and our unusual sudden drop in temperature has got me itching for new duds. I am in East Texas and we won't actually see consistent fall-ish weather until at least mid October but I've been collecting a few things that I really would love to have if I can ever make myself commit to shopping...

1.Ruffle Front Fleece Jacket by cotylee
2.Women's Plaid Double-Weave Western Tunic from OldNavy
Prized Rose Peep-Toes from Anthropologie
4.Miss Me Glam Boot Stretch Jean from Buckle
5.Bella Rustica Antique Bronze Tiny Twig Hair Pins by WoodlandBelle
6.Faux Boot Legwarmers by LeshasWorkshop
7.Sterling Silver Necklace by gypsystudio

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