Friday, September 17, 2010

Feature Friday

First humor me with a short(ish) ramble...Before I ever considered opening shop on Etsy I had very little to do with the net. I did e-mail, some online shopping (but mostly during the holiday season), a quick check with Wikipedia about one thing or another every once in a while and that was about the extent of my online meanderings. I had absolutely no intention of joining Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking fact I really couldn't come up with a rational reason for those sites to even exist. Especially when most of the media surrounding them was somewhat negative. But when doing a little homework on "helpful things to do when opening your new shop" I read numerous posts about none other than Facebook and Twitter. I cant tell you how big of an eye-roll episode I went through while debating whether or not to dip my toes into the murky water of social networking sites. Months later I can honestly say I'm so glad I did. Not so much from a business stand point but from a family/friend one. I've had the great opportunity to connect with family and friends that I would otherwise probably never get to talk with. Not to mention that my narrow internet world has been vastly expanded! I don't go one day without collecting loads of things that I love and would love to have!!

Now lets get on with what this post is really about: the totally cool, beautiful, wonderful things I've been blessed to stumble upon. I've been throwing around an idea for a way to show my appreciation for some of the coolest people and things I've found in my daily online ventures. "Feature Friday" is what I've come up with, a post every Friday featuring a collection board chocked full of my favorite things for the week. Thus I give you the very 1st in a line of Friday awesomeness :)

  1. Mix Tape Tee - CausticThreads
  2. Photo Booth Dogs - Cameron Woo
  3. Let There Be Flight Hanging Lamp - ModCloth
  4. Eleanore, Vintage Secretary Raccoon Plush - OneLittleRedFox
  5. Flower Garden Mint Green Yellow Vintage Cameo Necklace - laurenblythedesigns
  6. Tea Love Mug Cozy - KnitStorm


  1. Wow! these are all awesome finds! Thanks for picking my shirt !

  2. Nice! I love social networking for the same reason... connecting with family and friends! All of my family is too far away to see very often, so connecting and sharing with them online is a really awesome thing.

    Thanks very much for this feature or your lovely blog!

    ~kate (KnitStorm)

  3. wow!! cool finds!! Thank you soo much for including my sweet Eleanore!!

  4. Maude,
    you are so sweet to include my floral vintage necklace! The feature is wonderful and I love your blog! Thanks again!