Friday, August 27, 2010

Lazy Friday

Okay so I'm totally a lazy and I didn't finish this weeks blog post (or at least the one I had lined up for this week). I've sort of been revamping my product line so I've been a little preoccupied by that, but instead of the post I'd planned, I'll be sharing whats hung around on my radar for this week. Let me also confess that I've spent more minutes than I should watching YouTube this week...whew somehow I feel better confessing but still not so regretful if its in fine print.

Probably my most thought about topic this week (aside from product tweaking and YouTube) has been my studio remodel. It's in desperate need of change and I am sooo ready for it! As of now the walls are white (eww) but are at least mostly covered with my paintings drawings and whatnots. I know there are people that actually do like plain white walls but I can't be counted as part of that camp. I need color! I've picked out turquoise as my wall color of choice and have red curtains lined up to divide the studio from our bedroom but have the pretty big dilemma of large heavy immovable objects on two of my walls. I've debated about just painting around them. Cause no one will know but me right? Wrong, some crazy part of my brain says "But YOU will know!" and a weird warped version of Poe's beating heart sequence from The Tell Tale Heart ensues.

So the paint issue is sort of at a stand still for now.

This leads me to my other major issue which is storage. I'll be honest. I've got a lot of stuff, and by stuff I mean all kinds of crap. Paint, brushes, canvases, sewing supplies, collected papers, books and specialty papers, yarn, beading get the idea. Most of this stuff is just sort of in what I call controlled mess zone. It looks like a pile of nonsense but if I need to I can find what I need fairly quickly. I can usually go a few days, maybe a week before I freak out and have to reorganize my mess but lately its been driving me more batty than usual.

In search of ways to better my much needed improving creative space I found these awesome resources:
Check them out, they're pretty awesome! The Inspired Room is such a great blog, not only for creative spaces but any room in the house your seeking to improve. Crafty storage is also an excellent blog, perhaps you all (and maybe me one day soon) can add an awesome room to the collection going on there. :)

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