Friday, October 22, 2010

What do Bingo and Feature Friday have in common? + Giveaway Winner Announcement!

I ♥ them both and they're both part of today's post! 

Last night I had the pleasure of joining my Mom and Sister at a neighboring towns VFW for a few games of Bingo. I've never actually played Bingo before (excluding the peppermint candy Bingo we used to play in elementary school) so I was pretty excited and also feeling a little bit nostalgic too. See when I was a kid my Mom LOVED Bingo  (still does) and she was pretty lucky at it too if my memory serves me right. She was certainly lucky last night, she won twice! But long past are the days of my mom toting me to her Bingo games at one venue or another where my jobs were exactly two things; carry the bingo bag and get her coffee when she started running out of steam.So last night walking into the Bingo hall I felt a little empty handed without the bingo bag to carry. But we had a blast and all of us won at least once except my sister though I'm sure she'll have her win next time ;). BTW Bingo ladies are a riot and I ♥ them too!

So the theme today in honor of all the awesome new friends I made last night is...

  1. Vintage Tin Bingo Box -  Pip and I
  2. Vintage Bingo Game Piece Ring - Kyle Looby Jewelry
  3. Bingo Book -  Another Work in Progress
  4. Bingo Bank Handmade Stoneware - Shars Art Pottery
  5. Antique Bingo Cage - Blue Belle Bazaar
  6. Bingo "I came to win" Button - Creative Clam 
  7. Sister Ivana Wynne, the bingo player - Nun of a Kind

AND now for our giveaway winner announcement! Drumroll please..........KD Design Studio is our winner Yay!
Ms. KD I'll be contacting you shortly to get your address!

Thanks everyone for entering & have a great Friday and fun weekend!


  1. Thanks for posting my Bingo Bank. You are so clever! I have never seen this done before....
    only in the treasuries. What fun.
    Shars Art Pottery

  2. Thanks for featuring "Sister Ivana Wynne" in your great blog! Nice to know that this "sister" has such great "bingo-playing" company! :)