Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is That Cinnamon I Smell?

Know what I mean by those things you have to do every year when the season changes? Surely I'm not the only one that has certain seasonal rituals that if not done you just don't feel quite right.

Every year when the season starts to change I turn into something like a kid watching the clock waiting for school to let out. I get so excited when the first cool evenings of Autumn arrive! For me it signals the beginning of all the fun things I love to do...dragging out decorations, baking loads of stuff that smells warm and comforting and all cinnamon-y and whatnot, and the return of yummy pumpkin bagels to my favorite shop across town.

It's been a little hectic around our house the past week so I've just now gotten our Halloween decorations out. It never seems like its going to take very long but I sometimes forget that I seem to "collect" another few bits and pieces for the next this funny little guy...
In the midst of all the decorating and other excitement going on I've been working on a few new things for my shop! I've been trying diligently to get prepared for the holiday season...which alternately seems to be a non-alarming distance away yet somehow rocketing toward me. This will be my first holiday season on Etsy and two of the things I'm totally excited about adding for the season are ornaments and bows. I'm something of a Christmas ornament fanatic and love making them to give as gifts during the holidays so I'm definitely stoked to be offering them in my shop this year. I've got my Mom to thank for the bow idea though, growing up she always found the neatest ways to make a simple package look special! So I'm always looking for a cute way to add a little something to my gift packages. Here's a quick peek at one style of bows I'll have available...
 Before I wrap this little ditty up I wanted to let you guys know that I've got a giveaway in the works that I plan to have sometime within the next two weeks! So keep an eye out for it and let your friends know so they can participate too :)

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